CrossCulture specializes in transcultural exchanges through the arts.


Many artists, institutional partners and corporate sponsors from around the world have participated in CrossCulture projects and events since 1979, and continue to do so. 

Search for identity in a globalized world, unrestricted artistic expression, and inspiration for peace are the basic principles of CrossCulture.


The result: a celebration of diversity. This vision is transformed into tangible cultural events: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, performances, workshops and publications.




CrossCulture was initiated and is managed by Thomas Imboden, a self-employed freelancer currently based in Switzerland.


CrossCulture projects develop out of a global network of contacts and friendships, and usually continue over many years, evolving and transforming in the process.


If you are an artist, cultural promoter or curator, and you believe your work could be of interest to us, send us your link or your documentation.




Thomas Imboden

e-mail    +41 76 589 61 85

Bahnstrasse 25

CH-5033 Buchs AG


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